Sturnus Engineering was established in 2003 and with the exception of a small break in 2018-2020 the Company has been active for 15 years.

I also worked periodically as an employee and thus offer 25+ years of  experiences from multiple business, including several patents and a bag full of evaluation and calculation tools.

Please see some product examples and descriptions below.

Kind Regards Lars Stæhr

Product Examples and descriptions.

Maritime: Counter Phase vibration compensator for large Diesel engines.

Our own project.

Up to 600 Kgm unbalance.

Up to 60.000 Kg Force.

Specs, calculation, construction.

Cost down version (approx. 35% saving)

3D Inventor.

Finite Element Analysis

Ansys FEA checking housing integrity.

Offshore: Expandable Oil Well Packer (WAB)

Senior Mechanical Engineer at Welltec:

Non-linear expansion, special seals and integrated valves.

Test equipment and tools.

Calculation methods.

Disruptive designs.

7 patents

3D Catia & PDM

Industrial: High Pressure & Vacuum unit for PTFE hydroforming.

Our own project.

Idea generation

3D Inventor.

Purchase & Assembly.

Hands On.

Uffe Safeldt / Softbox did the automation & PLC programming.

Industrial: Strength optimization of a staircase.


Ansys FEA.



3D Inventor


Medico: X-Ray Scanner for dentists

Lead Mechanical Developer at 3Shape:

Apparatus development.

Special Tools.

System analysis.

Production and Service Support.

Hands on.

3D SolidWorks & PDM

Medico: Automatic Fluorescence Microscope.

Consultant for Philips Biocell.

Specs collected +  bouncing ideas.

3D SolidWorks & PDM.

Purchase and assembly. 

Hands on.

Science: Automatic Water Monitoring Bouy

We  made this for Copenhagen University.

Idea generation.

3D Inventor.

Purchase & Assembly.

Hands on.

Janus Bøge / Electromec did the wireless automation and homepage interface.

Maritime: 7 years with Fuel injection development, followed by consultancy.

R&D engineer – Injection and Hydraulics

High pressure injection valves & pumps.


Exhaust valves

First generation intelligent engine (cam less mechatronic Injection and exhaust valve)

Production and Service support.


Hands on.

4+1 patents (1 came later)

Consultancy: Test center Research tools and valves, 3D NX.